Kory Howard

Kory Howard was born in Utah but grew up in many parts of the USA because of his father's military career. His experiences from living in different regions of the country and meeting a variety of people have shaped him as a person and a writer. He earned his BA degree in English teaching from the University of Utah and his M.Ed. from Southern Utah University. He currently teaches English and Theatre at a small high school in rural Utah. He has a wonderful wife and three beautiful daughters. In his rare spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

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  My Thoughts, Not Exactly!

Comedy by Kory Howard

32 pages

5 m, 4 w

Have you ever asked yourself, “What was I thinking?” Well, Spencer and Olivia are doing just that – while on their first date!  Their conscious minds (played by two separate actors) are present on stage, sharing their thoughts (often contradictory thoughts!) on the conversation. Things get off to a rocky start, the usual awkward silences ensue, but the complications really begin when both their exes show up. Furthermore, Olivia produces her checklist of grueling questions for Spencer to test whether he is “boyfriend material.” The date concludes with Olivia m...


Comedy by Kory Howard

29 pages

3 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

Stumbling onto their perfect home is a dream come true for newlyweds Jim and Clara. Keys in hand, they bring a picnic into the house and begin to plan a bright future together… when in come Chris and Allison who also have keys in hand and a picnic basket! Of course the real estate agent is long gone with the money. Just as the two competitive couples think they might have a plan that will allow them all to stay, in come Roger and Lucy with - you guessed it - a picnic basket.