Vincent Bonvissuto

Vincent Bonvissuto is a musical theater composer and songwriter whose stage works have been performed in New York (Black and White and Read All Over), Chicago (FlowershopThat's Life!Progress) and Nashville (The Curious Tale of Rip Van Winkle). A native of New York, Mr. Bonvissuto studied at the Westchester Conservatory of Music and New York University, moving to the Nashville area in 2004. In addition to his musical theater works, Mr. Bonvissuto has written numerous songs on Music Row which have generated over 2,000,000 radio spins on over 2,500 radio stations in 32 countries around the globe. He has registered an international #1 song, "Behind Your Back," on the indie country chart (Ramgatie), and two Top-5 singles, "Scotland" and "Let Your Country Out," on the European indie chart (HotDisc). In 2016, his co-written single, "Wayward Rose," garnered a Country Song of the Year nomination from the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA).

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  The Curious Tale of Rip Van Winkle

Musical by Vincent Bonvissuto

59 pages

7 m, 6 w, 3 boys, 1 girl; extras are highly flexible, allowing for medium (20+) to large (55+) cast sizes; doubling is possible

Set amidst the dark mists of the Catskill Mountains, The Curious Tale of Rip Van Winkle journeys to the colonial Dutch village of Knickerbocker, where legendary loafer Rip Van Winkle holds court. One fateful evening, Rip ventures into the woods, encountering the spirits of Henry Hudson and his crew. After drinking a flagon of "Hudson's Hearty Ale," Rip falls into a 16-year sleep, awakening in the midst of the Revolutionary War! Sparkling with Dutch dances ("Welcome To Knickerbocker") and rousing village choruses ("Responsibility"), this show will lea...