Thomas Cadwaleder Jones

Thomas Cadwaleder Jones is the author of nine plays that have been produced professionally in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Louisville. His works include "Jesse: The Musical Story of Jesse Woodson James," "On the Road to East L.A.," "Triangle Murder Mystery," and "Scars & Stripes." He has won numerous awards for his writing including the Drama League of New York Award for his play "A Circle on the Cross" and the 1994 AATE Distinguished Play Award for "Scars and Stripes."

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  Scars & Stripes

Drama by Thomas Cadwaleder Jones

47 pages

1 m, 1 w

Two teenagers, an African-American urban girl and a white rural boy, confront their racial prejudices when they meet at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Looking for clues into their fathers' pasts, they discover more about themselves and each other and are changed forever. About 60 mins. Winner of the 1994 AATE Distinguished Play Award. Ideal for Black History month observances.