Ryzuk and Ryzuk

MARY RYZUK, Ph.D., a published author, playwright, and lyricist, and REGAN RYZUK, an ASCAP composer, have written 11 musicals together. They co-founded The Enchanted Players Inc. over ten years ago in order to bring these productions to fruition. Over the years, The Enchanted Players have presented wholesome, live, original musicals for children that, most particularly, can be enjoyed equally by adults. Some of the hallmarks of Regan's compositions are strong lyrical, melodic content with a very rich harmonic and rhythmic sense. Mary and Regan believe children today are sophisticated enough to absorb good music, good stories and good lyrics. In having this kind of respect for children, they hope to enchant their parents as well. The classic tales of the Grimms Brothers have presented a wonderful foundation for their creative efforts.

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Musical Theatre Youth by Ryzuk and Ryzuk

184 pages

3 m, 3 w, 2-6 flexible

This musical version of "Rapunzel" is abundant with rich humor. When the old Witch catches the farmer stealing from her tantalizing garden, she allows him to escape her wrath only when he promises to give her his firstborn child. Thinking his wife is barren, he agrees. But soon after, Rapunzel is born and the Witch imprisons the child in a tower to protect her. She grows into a beautiful young woman. When a handsome prince, who is followed everywhere by his "loyal entourage," woos Rapunzel, the Witch is devastated and throws a wild tantrum...until she is save...