Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson capitalized on his 25-years experience in teaching writing to high school and college students by publishing some 22 plays with several publishers. His plays have also been anthologized in a variety of publications, and he sold nearly a thousand articles to hundreds of publications. In retirement he considered himself a professional part-time writer, and when not writing, traveled regularly and played tennis. He died in 2006.

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  Up the Stage Over

Comedy by Robert Anderson

56 pages

2 m, 7 w

Act I is a play rehearsal at the home of one of the characters, while Act II represents the high school stage with all scenery reversed so that the audience sees only what normally would be back stage. All sound effects are visible; prop table, prompters, stage braces, etc. About every problem a director has ever had is encountered. Comedy abounds as each character has his own particular problem with his part. Grammie in particular never speaks a line, but her presence is felt in more ways than one! A plot around and about high school students.