Laura Joye

Laura Joye is currently the Education Director at a community theater in Kansas. With her hard work, she has developed the youth theater and summer camps into flourishing programs. Laura's belief that children's plays should be fun to perform and watch for all ages has prompted her to write some of her own. Her short stories have won several prizes, including publication in two separate magazines, and bragging rights. When she is not at work, Laura enjoys cooking vegan dishes, yoga, and reading a good book.

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  Jack and the Ruffians

Comedy by Laura Joye

32 pages

15 - 30

Jack's family makes and sells the best cheese and butter in the world. That is, until the competition gets jealous. Vegetable merchants Vlad (who is not-so-nice) and his sister Carol (who is missing a few cards in the deck) make a wish with some pink magic beans to ruin Jack's family's livelihood. When Jack's cows suffer strange and dramatic demises, and Jack's dad is captured by ruthless and revolting Ruffians for his cheese-making skills, Jack's mom goes on a daring adventure to rescue her husband with a ladle as her only weapon. Jack is left to do one thin...