Kelly Barrett-Gibson

Kelly Barrett-Gibson has been writing plays for as long as she can remember. As a child in upstate New York, she regularly created shows to perform with her siblings and cousins for the rest of the family. This love of creating continued into adulthood when she moved to NYC to pursue a career in theater. After years working in the off and off-off Broadway world, she created her own theater company “Endangered Artist Sanctuary” along with her husband, Carl Gibson, and a few close collaborators, where she serves as Artistic Director. Two of her plays, Reading Between the Lies and The Sutherby Triplets, have been featured in the New York International Fringe Festival. She continues to write, act, direct, and coach. Kelly could not do any of this without the support (and willingness to be exploited for creative fodder) of her friends and family throughout her life.

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  Reading Between the Lies

Comedy Farce Mystery by Kelly Barrett-Gibson

51 pages

4 to 5 M, 5 W

“Reading Between the Lies” is a noir farce set in the world of 1940s Broadway. The first read of a new play becomes a crime scene when one of the participants unexpectedly drops dead. In a room filled with old vendettas, jilted lovers, blackmail victims and one loony former child star, it’s anyone’s guess who the killer is, who the intended victim was, and who, if anyone, will save the day! Hilarity and fast-paced whodunit antics ensue.


“The witticisms escalate into over-the-top wacky...