Just Another Audition

Book By: Bryan Starchman
Play #: 8588
Pages: 66 pgs
Cast: Flexible cast of 6 to 34

Here's a comedy that takes the audience backstage to witness the worst high school auditions EVER where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong! An overzealous assistant director and a slacker stage manager, along with a wacky group of wannabe actors, are left to cast their senior show themselves. The student assistant director has big aspirations, so big in fact they are convinced the show’s success could be their golden ticket to college...and maybe even Broadway! What follows is a rollicking show full of accidental auditions, movie and pop culture hits reworked, bad songs, creepy clowns, overbearing drama mamas, and some slithering surprise guests. This incredibly flexible play offers opportunities for any size group from 6 to 34, plus it includes a part for your drama teacher and principal, if desired.

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Behind The Scenes

With Bryan Starchman


What inspired you to write this show?

After teaching high school drama for 20 years and directing over 60 shows, the biggest challenge I’ve had is finding a play with a flexible cast. Too often I have twenty females and three males, or I’ll have students who can only come to rehearsals two days a week so if they are in more than one scene it throws the whole rehearsal schedule off. I decided it was time to write an easy to stage, funny, and cheap to produce show that is incredibly flexible.


What did you try to achieve with this show?

My goal with this script was to make a single-setting show with low costs that could work with a cast as small as 6 and as large as 34. There is even a role in the final scene for your Drama Teacher! (Or if they are shy, you can cast another student who gets to play a Drama Teacher.)

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