Ev Miller

Ev Miller is a life-long resident of North Dakota. He gained his bachelor of arts degree from Jamestown College, a liberal arts college in North Dakota. After graduation, Miller taught English at Bismarck High School, a position he has held since. Miller began his writing career in 1975. Since then, he has published over 30 plays with 13 American publishing companies.

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  A Nice Day in the Park

Drama by Ev Miller

17 pages

1 m, 5 w

Several new cheerleaders are having a picnic in the park to meet each other. There is bitter rivalry between Joyce and Kathleen over a boyfriend. Most of the girls are jealous of Kathleen, since she is rich and gets everything she wants - even down to ousting another girl for the cheerleading position. The girls have a plan to scare Kathleen, but she, in the meantime, has learned of their plan and plots retribution. A spine-tingling play.