Christopher L. Pankratz

Christopher L. Pankratz teaches, writes, directs, and acts in Tucson Arizona. Christopher graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film and Television and a degree from the College of Education. Christopher’s playwriting encompasses a wide variety of scripts including classical adaptations, one acts, comedies, tragedies, and theatre for young audiences. 


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  The Longest Day of April

Comedy by Christopher L. Pankratz

59 pages

8 m, 14 w

When Max Holsten sets out for work leaving behind his briefcase and an unfinished breakfast, his quaint 1950s family is besieged by a series of misunderstandings that fester into conspiracy theories and suspicions. The extended family Max and his newlywed wife, April, have been living with are no comfort. April’s sister June has an obsession with pulp-fiction intrigue and leads April to assume the worst about Max. Making matters murkier, Grandma May, the aged and easily confused matriarch of the family, misstates all the facts. Max’s seemingly simple oversigh...