Hand, The

Play #: 2266
Pages: 21 pgs
Cast: from the tale by Guy de Maupassant
An arrogant hunter shocks his dinner guests by showing them his prized trophy, a human hand chained to a board and mounted on the wall of his library. The next morning the hunter's mother demands he make amends to the guests and remove the hand. But the police have now heard about it and plan to check it out. The hunter wants to hide the hand but admits to his maid he feels safer keeping it in sight. The hand is the only thing he fears because the person it used to belong wants it back. That night the hunter finds the hand has disappeared! A fight ensues between the the hunter and the hand, done by extras dressed in black and lit only with a flashlight for maximum effect. (This one-act is excerpted from the full-length play, "All Hallows' Eve.")
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LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
LIBERTY, SC 10/22/2015
CROSSVILLE, TN 11/1/2013
ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL 3 Performance(s)
PANAMA CITY BCH, FL 10/15/2009
LAS VEGAS, NV 2/9/2005

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