The Viewing Room

Play #: 8603
Pages: 60 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

Stern patriarch Chester Dumbrosky has decided to make amends. Unfortunately, he waited for the day of his wake to do so. Lots of angst and laughs as his dysfunctional family tries to heal old wounds. Approximate run time 1.5 hours.


"For many, as funny as this play was, it was also introspective and probably hit home for many in the audience."

--Jay Pateakos, Broadway World R.I.


"Dark comedy The Viewing Room a must-see performance" - The audience witnesses a hilarious and moving journey of the human spirit in “The Viewing Room,” a new play written by Mark Edward Smith.

--Santa Cruz Sentinel 


"…full of emotional angst and redemption, with revelations and surprises, and punctuated by superb comic one-liners." 

--New Zealand Times

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Behind The Scenes

With Playwright Mark Edward Smith

"The Viewing Room" is autobiographical. Obviously my father didn’t sit up in his casket at his wake but in a lot of ways I almost wished he had. There were many unresolved issues in my family, not the least of which were the reasons for the animosity between my father and my oldest brother, Chet Jr., whom I idolized.

An actor once commented how wonderful it was that I had written a "do-over" play. And another actor once answered for me when I was asked what genre the play was. She said, "Mark has written a fantasy." I really enjoyed those remarks because I feel "The Viewing Room" is all that and more.

We all want the chance for a "do-over" in life; an opportunity to say and do the things we neglected to do. I hope this play resonates with you. Welcome to the Dumbrosky clan. Enjoy the journey!