The Greatest of All Time

Book By: Alexis Kozak
Play #: 1788
Pages: 48 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

Do you go nuts trying to find scene study material for your students?  Are you dissatisfied with the scenes you do find?  Are they too long, too short, too silly, not silly enough, too serious, not serious enough?  Written by popular playwright, director, and teacher Alexis Kozak, this collection of twenty-five award-winning four-minute scenes is based on overheard classroom conversations.  In “Regarding Jane” one male student has a plan for meeting girls -- it’s in the pages of a Jane Austen book, and in “Allegiance” two students debate the real words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  This resource is a necessary addition to any theatre teacher’s bookshelf and a must-have for any serious high school actor. 


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Behind The Scenes

“This book has been a lifesaver!”

—Anne Kaufman, Teacher of Theatre, Thompson Middle School, Middletown, NJ


“I’ve been using Alexis’ scenes for years. I highly recommend The Greatest of All Time.”

—Alan Feinstein, Alan Feinstein Acting Studio, Studio City, CA Martin in Looking for Mr. Goodbar


“Kozak is not only a wonderful writer of short plays, he is an equally skilled teacher.”

—Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre


“The only scene book you will ever need!”

—Yvonne Lamb-Scudiery, Vice President of Education, Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ


“One of New Jersey’s top playwrights and arts educators!”

—Jacqueline Fischer, Basie Award-winning choreographer and teacher, Middletown High School South, Middletown, NJ Artistic Director, Scenes on Tap, Red Bank, NJ


“Perfect for any theatre arts or acting based classroom. The short works are practical, accessible, and rich.”

—Michael Towers, Artistic Director, Westford Academy Theater Arts, Westford, MA


“Kozak’s dialogue rings true. He really captures the voice of high school kids.”

—Kate Cordaro, Director of Education, Two River Theater Company, Red Bank, NJ