Shirley Barrie

Shirley Barrie: I love engaging the minds and enthusiasm of young audiences. I delight in mining golden nuggets from women's history - fashioning from them stories that still speak to us today. I enjoy the challenge of painting with the audio palette for radio, and I continue to savour all the shades of grey that give the issues of our time such fascination. I was a member of the 1998 Playwrights Unit at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto. In 1972 I co-founded the Wakefield Tricycle Company in London, England with Ken Chubb.

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  Shusha and the Story Snatcher

Fantasy by Shirley Barrie

22 pages

1 m, 2 w, 1 flexible

Here's a perfect play to entertain young children and encourage them to read. Shusha wants an adventure like the one in her new book. Then the Story Snatcher, with his flapping ears and honking nose, grabs her story and descends to his underground lair. Shusha’s doll, Shareen, comes to life and gets the audience to help, acting as trees or a tunnel onstage, or providing wind and hooting owl noises from their seats. After magical and comic adventures they recover Shusha’s book. An ideal play to present during right-to-read week, national library week, or any o...