Sam Kuglen

Sam Kuglen is a writer, director and actor from Southern California. In addition to this play he has written adaptations of "A Wrinkle in Time" and "Amazing Grace" for Serendipity Theatre Company and "Rapunzel and the Witch" for California Theatre Center in Sunnyvale. His original play "The Royal Baby," based on the lazzi of Commedia D'ell Arts, was mounted by Stages Theatre Center in Hollywood. He has directed productions of "Androcles and the Lion," "The Ransom of Red Chief" and his own version of "Pinochio" for Serendipity Theatre Company and many plays at other theatres in the Los Angeles area. He has also played a wide variety of roles for Serendipity Theatre Company. On television he has been seen on "America's Funniest People," "Days of Our Lives," "General Hospital," and "Homefront," among others. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, The American Alliance for Theatre and Education and also works as a teacher in Burbank.
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Classic by Sam Kuglen

48 pages

2 m, 2 w, 11 flexible

This stage adaptation closely follows the original story by Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio is a mischievous puppet who is trying to become a real boy. Once he is carved by Gepetto, his adventures begin. Along the way he almost meets his doom at a puppet show, is waylaid by an evil Cat and Fox, sidetracked by Lampwick who takes him to The Island of the Toys, and is swallowed by a huge whale, where he is reunited with Gepetto. After saving Gepetto, the Blue Fairy helps Pinocchio attain his dream of becoming a real boy. Perfect for touring.

  The Gruesome, Gory, Grotesque Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Horror by Sam Kuglen

46 pages

3 m, 2 w

Edgar Allan Poe, his wife, Virginia and his editor, Griswold are frozen in time, endlessly repeating the moment of Virginia's death. Annie and Owen, two contemporary teenagers, enter the condemned building haunted by the trio and get locked in the room where they are unable to see the specters. Annie, with the help of Edgar and Virginia, starts looking for a lost letter Griswold hid from Poe, which keeps Edgar and Virginia apart. Frightened at first, Owen soon joins the search, motivated by the money the letter might bring. Meanwhile, Griswold watches the pro...