Robby Steltz

Hello there,

My name is Robby Steltz! I’m a graduate of Augsburg University’s Graduate Creative Writing (Playwriting) program. I passionately love stories about women, stories that make their voices heard and allows us to get a better perspective on who we are as humans. In this world, I also feel as if there are still many topics that we don’t quite discuss that need to be brought to attention, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. I want to write plays that allows us to dismantle our fears of talking about our mental health, talking about our trauma, talking about how we’ve been victimized in various degrees. Theatre is a safe place for us to showcase our troubles and darkness, to discover or rediscover ourselves, and I believe that we can change the world by allowing theatre to be a safe place for people. If “all the world is a stage,” than the theatre is meant to be there for us most; like a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning.

Let’s heal the world together!

—Robby Steltz

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  Nellie New Release

by Robby Steltz

27 pages

1 m, 9 w

New One-Act Play

In the late 1800s rumors were circulating about alleged horrors taking place on Blackwell’s Island, home of the Insane Asylum of New York. Women were apparently the victims of abuse and torture, and one woman, a newspaper reporter, decided to risk her own life to investigate. Nellie Bly committed herself to the asylum, documenting her findings and ultimately revealing the horrors to the entire world. This one-act play, adapted from her book, “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” te...