Ray Hamby

Ray Hamby is the author of 25 full-length stage plays, 20 one-act plays, 8 screen plays, over 150 educational radio plays, and hundreds of newspaper stories and articles. Over the years he has taught journalism at Towson University and the University of Maryland. He's studied film writing at Johns Hopkins University and has travelled extensively, over 40 trips aborad. He lives in Baltimore with his Lhasa Apsa named St. Joan of Bark.
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  Matter of Honor

Drama by Ray Hamby

29 pages

3 m, 4 w

A Confederate soldier, transporting a Yankee prisoner, stops off at his fiancee's home in hopes of arranging a quick wedding. But the women of the home fall under the spell of the prisoner. Is the Yankee lying when he tells the fiancee, Lisbeth, he has fallen in love with her? The would-be groom challenges the Yankee to a duel. They go outside to settle the matter of honor. There is a single gunshot. Lisbeth, in her wedding dress, waits to marry. The door opens, but who's there?