Rapunzel, Narrated

Book By: Edith Weiss
Play #: 2363
Pages: 26 pgs
Cast: 2 m, 4 or 5 w

Prince Charming Smile meets Steve, an itinerant narrator, and after a furious swordfight they become friends. Prince Charming Smile tells Steve that he is the only Prince Charming without a lady fair, and he is on the quest for one. When he meets Rapunzel, “imprisoned” by the wicked witch Imaboil and the New Age witch Esmepus, he falls deeply into shallow love. He decides to rescue her and win her as his wife. But the rather vapid Rapunzel doesn’t want the Prince, so Steve conjures up a sleeping Snow White for him and a happy ending for all the characters. Two optional songs. About 40 minutes.

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CITY OF HAVRE DE GRACE 1 Performance(s)
HAVRE DE GRACE, MD 7/29/2022
DEVON, PA 4/18/2021
INTERACT THEATRE 1 Performance(s)
MARYVILLE, TN 6/12/2017
PELHAM, NH 8/15/2014

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