Princess and the Enchanted Swans

Book By: Bill Van Horn
Play #: 8196
Pages: 59 pgs
Cast: 10 m, 12 w, 6 flexible, extras, doubling possible

Adapted from the original Grimm fairy tale, "The Six Swans." Good King Edmund is tricked into marrying the daughter of the evil wizard. The king finds to his horror that his new bride, Lilith, wishes to dispose of him and all his children so that she and the wizard can steal the magic Edmund guards. Lilith succeeds in turning all the children, except Princess Elizabeth, into swans. Elizabeth must remain silent for five years and weave five shirts from thorny starflowers to free her siblings. Sad, lonely, but brave, she remains silent and withstands the onslaughts of an enchanted cat, trolls, ogres, illusions and temptations. The tale has all the magic, twists, revelations, and reunions you expect from the Brothers Grimm, plus a delightful mix of animals and characters.

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ELKO, NV 7/14/2011
RICE LAKE, WI 4/25/2005

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