Paul Johnson

Paul H. Johnson is a theatre instructor, playwright, director, and high school teacher. Originally from North Dakota, he now lives in Minnesota near the twin cities. He has written five plays and directed 50 productions. His awards include "Recognition as Teacher of the Year" in Graton, ND 1997, "Optimist Club Teacher of the Year 1997," ND, and "Class A Drama Director of the Year 1996. Married to Valoriewith three children, Lori, Sarah, and Emily, his family also has a dog, cats, and fish as pets. He loves camping, reading, and writing full-time. He has a Master of Arts degree in theatre from the University of North Dakota with an emphasis on children's theatre and recreational drama. He is the director of a theatre program where he teaches and writes about what he knows รป children and high school students
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  Works in Progress

Comedy Drama by Paul Johnson

58 pages

Large flexible casting

From the first anxious day of high school to the hopefulness of graduation, these scenes recount the good times and bad - the awkwardness and joys of dating, going to the prom and just hangin' out, to the pain of breaking up or having a friend die. We get some glimpses of life from those who are experiencing newfound freedom with wide-eyed wonder. There is a joke that teenagers should "leave home now while you still know everything." But we see these teens also realize that they are nowhere near being complete and have quite a daunting but wonderful road ahea...

  Acting Out

Comedy Drama by Paul Johnson

53 pages

5 m, 5 w minimum (up to 30 maximum)

When their teacher doesn't show up, a group of students in a theatre arts class decide to practice their final scenes and monologues. The result is a montage of teenage fears, fantasies, dreams and yearnings. From cheerleader to class nerd, from star athlete to former runaway, each performs a piece for the others. We witness the pain of breaking up, the ups and downs of life with parents (and without), escapist fantasies into the simpler life of a '50s sitcom, role reversals, and more. Presented with humor, honesty and powerful emotions, the scenes reveal the...

  Acting Out - Sheet Music

by Paul Johnson

0 pages

Sheet music