My Stupid Cat Named Max...and Other Plays for Young People

Book By: Nick Sweet
Play #: 1836
Pages: 26 pgs
Cast: Flexible cast

These four plays are ideal for young actors in school, for children's theatre groups, or even for summer camp talent shows. With plenty of rhyming and choral recitation, they can be presented easily with only a few rehearsals. Though each requires strong leading characters, any number of children can participate. Included with each piece are suggestions for simple staging, but feel free to use your own creative ideas. 30-40 minutes. Each play is 7-10 minutes long. 


"Lost in the Forest" (for grades K-2nd) tells of a little boy (or girl) who gets separated from his mother while on a picnic and is comforted and led back to her by the inhabitants of the forest.


"My Stupid Cat Named Max" (for grades K-6th) shows us a little boy (or girl) with extremely vivid dreams. He meets monsters, aliens, the sun and moon, and rescues a shooting star … or is it just his stupid cat?


"The Johnson Family" (for grades 5-6th) is about a young man with twelve sisters and we see how they treat him as the only son in the family. They show him exactly where he stands!


"Searching for a Princess" (for grades 4-6th) is about a King and Queen who are looking for a Princess for their young son, the Prince. They find all types of young ladies, but only one is truly princess material. 

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