Milo J Oz

Dear Reader, I don’t usually like reading standard bios. I’m more interested in the things that were left out, i.e. the fun facts, or odd tidbits, or that person X likes tap-dancing on Saturdays in their bathing suit…that’s what interests me! So, without anything standard, I: - was home-schooled through high school - like weird sandwiches – anything that’s in the fridge goes on; cheese, pickles, cold baked potatoes, peanut butter, and home-made jam sounds just fine to me. In fact, it’s quite delicious with a glass of cold milk - have First-Born Perfectionist syndrome - wanted to be a professional football player, but then saw the severity of the injuries they sustain (and so decided to become a dancer…yeah, much more safe!…) - donated hair three times to a charity making wigs for children (the last time even challenging my brother to see who could donate the longest locks) - wrote “Sheena” when I was 215 months of age I am also a French-speaking, book-devouring, music-breathing, loud-color-loving, quirky-earring and tights sporting, purple-zebra handler – maybe that last one isn’t quite accurate! Yours sincerely, and exiting Stage Right, Milo J. Oz
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  Queen Sheena, All Bow

Comedy by Milo J Oz

26 pages

Approx. 3 m, 3 w.

Help! please. How do you teach civility when Miss Manners and Mary Poppins aren’t around? For three professional bedroom monsters, the assignment to change young Sheena is business as usual – almost. This case has a lot riding on it. If not successful, Fredrick will be forced to retire, nervous Igor will fail, and Petra will be partnered with a monster she dislikes. Never before has the future of this hairy team rested in the palm of a little, spoiled, rude girl – and all under the inquiring eye and note-taking hand of another monster, a snooping New Orc Time...