Michelle S Uyemura

I grew up in Greeley, CO, and I got bit by the theatre bug when I was in a show in the 6th grade. Theatre was my main focus throughout high school and college where got my B.A. in Theatre Studies from the University of Utah. I taught drama at a high school for a couple of years in Idaho and had a great time. Fast forward a few dozen years and here I am at the eastern most edge of Colorado, happily married with two awesome boys and I find myself back in the classroom teaching drama. Seems like you can take the girl off of the stage but you can’t take the stage far enough away that she won’t just get up there again!
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  Reality Frights

Comedy by Michelle S Uyemura

41 pages

Flexible cast of 13.

Sequestered in an old theatre, nine prospective contestants must battle wits--and the witless!--to become the chosen few for the latest, greatest reality show, “Reality Frights.” As soon as the diverse contestants turn in their cell phones and introduce themselves, it’s discovered that all the exits are locked. Even Maureen, the professionally perky producer, starts to panic when suddenly there’s a blackout. When the lights come back up, one of the contestants is on the floor, bloodied and lifeless, while some monster in a mask threatens everyone. Or is this ...

  Empathize It!

Drama Humor With Humor by Michelle S Uyemura

52 pages

Flexible casting: 2 - 6 m, 8 - 17 w

Alden and Sidney find themselves developing an unlikely friendship having been marked as outcasts by the “in crowd” at school. We see through their eyes what it is like to be ridiculed and picked on, what it feels like to have your “friends” turn on you because of one simple misstep. But just when life seems most bleak, enter a hero: a quirky, awkward, fun-loving, larger-than-life, sure-to-make-you-laugh superhero for the new millennium: Empathy Girl! Though unable to fly, lacking superstrength or speed, and a little hypoglycemic, Empathy Girl isn’t without a...