Michael Boston

Michael Boston has taught drama for 10 years at the Benjamin Cory Academic Visual and Performing Arts Academy, for primary aged children, in the San Jose Unified School District, as well as written, directed and produced over 30 plays for young children there. He studied English and Theater at the University of California at Los Angeles where he earned a Bachelors of Arts in English.
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Resource by Michael Boston

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Nine Short Scenes of Emotion for Elementary Students

These scenes for elementary school-aged children deal with the emotions we feel. Each scene concentrates on a specific emotion: sad, frustrated, frightened, happy, angry, excited, cool and jealous. Designed for students of all learning levels, including those who have not yet learned to read and English-language learners. The dialogue is structured with patterns, repetition and rhythms to allow for easy memorization. A modest royalty is due if performed on stage, but it is royalty free if used in the classroom.