Matt Myers

Matt Myers is a drama instructor at Rotolo Middle School in Batavia, Illinois, where he’s taught and directed for 8 years. " Truck Stop Chili" is his third play, and the first he’s published with Eldridge Publishing. In addition to writing and directing, Matt enjoys running marathons (as much as someone can enjoy running a marathon), live music, traveling and the occasional hearty laugh. He and his beautiful new bride Kellie live in North Aurora, Illinois.
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  Truck Stop Chili

Comedy by Matt Myers

68 pages

7 m, 5 w, and 7 flexible

Deep in the heart of West Virginia, there’s a little hillbilly town called Gizzard, and in that town you’ll find Leroy’s Clip n’ Dip… the world’s first beauty parlor/auto garage. Now, folks in Gizzard aren’t exactly beating the Clip n’ Dip’s door down, so to pass the time, Otis Hooper and his mechanic buddies Crisco, Clyde and Floyd, have started a band called Truck Stop Chili. Clementine (Otis’s sweetheart.) and her beauty parlor pals, Mazola, Darlene and Helga the masseuse, all grit their teeth, cover their ears and tolerate the racket, until the day Hollyw...