Louder Than Words

Book By: Linda Dumas
Play #: 3000
Pages: 64 pgs
Cast: Mime book

Even the shiest student will enjoy acting in these mimes created by a teacher and test performed by students. All mimes give complete music suggestions. Act I contains over 20 mimes of varying cast sizes, a lip sync and a narrated mime, several solo mimes, and several group mimes. Act II contains 20 more advanced mimes, strobe light mimes, silhouette mimes, as well as several solo and group mimes.

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Behind The Scenes

At the middle school in Texas where I teach, we use the mime show as an opportunity for theatre arts to perform and as a way to raise money for our department. It is a seven-year tradition now, and is eagerly anticipated by the student body. We first perform for the nearly 700 students at our school, charging a nominal sum. We then do a special evening performance for families for no charge. We do what you might call "Red Skelton" mime. That is to say, we might use minimal props and costuming, but lots of music. About 18 - 20 skits make a good show. Everybody takes part in at least two numbers and changes in and out of crew. Recently, we have experimented with some numbers where we interpret a story, as well as some music interpretation. It is our show and we do it our way because it works for us and we have a great time. I'll tell you how we staged the numbers and then you will find that variations and improvements will occur to you as you go along. We begin and end the skits with either a dynamic freeze, a resting position, or a true entrance or exit. There is an easel at extreme apron right. A placard announces The Mime Show as the audience enters. House lights dim and the placard is replaced by one bearing the title of the first mime. It is replaced with new titles in a stylish vaudeville manner by attractive young ladies who alternate, so that they too, can participate in the skits. The ideas that follow are in no special order. Arrange to fit cast, crew, and time requirements, keeping in mind contrast and variety for the audience as well as dynamic and effective opening and closing numbers. Have fun!