Little Red Riding Hood

Book By: Sidney Berger
Book By: Rob Landes
Play #: 7000
Pages: 36 pgs
Cast: Approx. 3 m, 4 w, 3 flexible

Little Red loves playing in the forest with all her animal friends and doesn’t want any responsibilities—like taking food to Grandma’s house. But a hungry wolf changes that! Posing as an injured sheepdog, he’s able to trap her forest friends into a cave and con Red in to telling him where Grandmother lives. Once there he eats Grandma and Red! Luckily, the ever-cautious Sammy the Skunk saves the day with his brains and his “perfume.” Grandma and Red are rescued from the Wolf’s tummy for a happy ending, including a more responsible Red! A "country and western" feel infuses this bright and tune-filled adaptation of this favorite tale. Some songs include: “Hey! Hey!” “Smelling a Rose,” ”Wolf on the Prowl,” Just an Ol' Dog,” “Other Side of the Woods,” “Let's All Find the Big Bad Wolf,” “Hymn to Sammy,” “Got To Get Going,” and “The Rescue.” This musical was originally produced under Equity contract by the Children's Theatre Festival of Houston. About 1 hour.

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