Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson

Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson is a prolific playwright, with six of her plays having been successfully produced by Center Stage Theatre in Florida and Murder Mysteries On Call in New York. Two of these plays, "Eclipsed!" and "Last Will & Testament" are published by Eldridge. She has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. She has written, produced, directed and choreographed themed shows for major corporations as well as written, directed and performed in mystery theatre and specialty games for major hotels and exclusive southwest Florida golf and country clubs. In addition, she writes screenplays for feature films, teleplays and docudramas and was a chapter winner in the 1998 Nora Roberts Romance Novelist writing contest. Offered an honorary talent scholarship by Webster College in 1978, Ms. Wilkinson went on to become a creative writing major at the University of Missouri-Columbia. In 1979, three of her works were selected for publication and appeared in the National Collegiate Anthology for Young Writers. In 1989, she received Honorable Mention in the Robert Frost International Writing Awards. Several years ago Ms. Wilkinson produced a three-day festival on the historic grounds of the Collier County Museum which included the presentation of a narrated ballet adapted from one of her original children's stories.

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Comedy by Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson

46 pages

3 m, 3 w

Become the celebrated guests of Lord and Lady Moon at the coveted annual Moonlight Masquerade Charity Gala. When a diamond Tiffany necklace scheduled to be auctioned off at the event mysteriously disappears, it becomes clear that someone present isn't quite what or who they appear to be. But things take a decidedly sinister turn as members of the entourage turn up quite indubitably, irrevocably dead. Could one of the remaining blue-bloods be responsible? Could someone in the audience help solve these heinous crimes? Can the crimes even be solved, or will the ...

  Last Will & Testament

Comedy Mystery by Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson

41 pages

3 m, 2 w

Texas was never this fun - or this deadly! Jonas Carmody, President and Founder of Carmody Oil, is dead of natural causes at the age of 78, leaving an estate valued in excess of $30 million. The heirs apparent are in for a big surprise when they gather together with his friends and business associates for a memorial dinner in his honor. Unbeknownst to his eccentric family, a surprise reading of the will is on the menu, and murder is certain to be a la mode! As the story unfolds and the family unravels, it seems everybody wants more than their fair share. But ...