Karen Jones

Karen Jones lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia with her husband of 40 some years.  Being in charge of directing the Christmas play each year at her church for almost as long, a lot of money was spent on scripts that couldn't be used.  They just didn't fit the church's need.  So one Christmas she decided to write her own tailor-made script for her small church.  No one was privy to the change and to her surprise the play was well-received.  After several years, her secret came out and she was encouraged to submit one for publication.  To her delight it was accepted and thus launched her new writing career which has enabled her to help share the Gospel in her own small way. 

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  Operation: Whispering Pines

Christmas Comedy by Karen Jones

28 pages

3 m, 5 w, 8 flexible, children, doubling possible

Whispering Pines is a small, homey assisted living facility, but for how long? On the death of the owner, the facility has passed to his daughter, who is determined to unload this “albatross.” She has lined up buyers but there’s only one problem. Or really, six problems: the current residents. And together they agree they are not going out without a fight! Knowing that the new owner must find another facility to take them in, they come up with a plan. It’s an elaborate scheme that will ensure that no one else will accept them. So “Operation: Whispering Pines”...