Kamron Klitgaard

Kamron Klitgaard is a high school theatre teacher in Utah. He believes that theatre can be exciting to everyone. Therefore, he writes plays with a lot of action and humor in them to appeal to those who claim they “do not like plays.” Kamron lives with his beautiful wife, Kathy and his three charming daughters, Kortney, Katelynn and Karlee. He claims that everyone’s name starting with a “K” is a huge coincidence. He tries to sneak his young daughters into all the high school plays. He also enjoys, juggling, magic, swing dancing and plays several instruments.

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  Never Play with Dead Things

Farce by Kamron Klitgaard

48 pages

4 m, 3 w, 2 flexible, 10 or more zombies

The premise is simple: A group of students dig up a corpse as a prank but the dead get upset and rise from the grave, trapping the students inside the mausoleum. Which character has the power to stop the Zombie menace? The audience gets the opportunity to band together in groups to solve the mystery. This part of the play is called the Clue Quest and happens during the intermission. Clue Characters (Zombies) are scattered around the building at strategic locations to give clues the audience groups. All the clues lead to the identity of the character with the ...

  Zombie Quest

Farce by Kamron Klitgaard

41 pages

5 m, 6 w, 3 flexible, many extras

Karen is in training her first day on the job at a mortuary. While waiting for Karen to finish, her two hippie friends, Lindsey and McKenna, decide to embalm themselves. Other friends soon arrive, including punk rockers Blake and Barry, and the nerds, Ryan, Ryan 2, and Erin. When they discover what the two girls have done, they get Mike, the mortuary owner, who then calls the doctor next door for help. Already Lindsey and McKenna have no pulse. What's even worse, all the bodies in the nearby graveyard have turned in to zombies and are trying to enter the mort...