John Shanahan

John Shanahan is an award-winning playwright and author who lives as quietly as possible at the edge of a marsh in a town south of Boston, MA. His full-length and short plays have been performed by small theaters and school groups around the U.S. and beyond since 2005, including three appearances in the prestigious Boston Theater Marathon. In his spare time, he is an avid pinball player and the host of the Hypnagogue Podcast, a program focused on presenting ambient and electronic music. 


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  A Friend for Potato New Release

Youth by John Shanahan

24 pages

Flexible cast of 20

Potato the pig just wants a friend —but doesn’t know what that word means. With help from his friend Casey, Potato sets out to find a friend. It’s a seemingly simple quest that quickly turns into a house full of scheming cats, energetic dogs, a few friendly bears ... and who invited the Singing Raccoons? Not Casey’s parents, that’s for sure! Underneath all the wackiness, A Friend for Potato is a look at what friendship means, and what it takes to be a good friend. About 40 minutes. No specific set requirements.