If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood

Book By: Brian Sylvia
Play #: 8597
Pages: 56 pgs
Cast: 2 m, 2 w, 2 flexible, extras

When the colorful residents of an out-of-the-way trailer community meet an unknown lumber executive, questions and assumptions abound! Charles Stashgrove appears as a corporate executive who wants to buy the 200+ acres of woodlands the trailer community, Woodchuck Estates, sits on. Little do the residents know, Charles is actually escaped thief Rocco Riccardi. He seems to fool all the residents while another mysterious character, Lucinda, who gives off a sinister vibe, scares all the locals.


The residents are a colorful bunch: Dorothea, the assertive, man-hunting president of the association; Sylvia, a stereotypical pageant queen; Zeke, who fancies himself a pirate; the cowardly town mayor; the hippy activist; the widow who knows all about cabbage; and others, including a bright teen. The results are both unpredictable and uproarious. This small-cast show feels like a big production as each actor has more than one part.


Several radio or TV broadcast segments can be presented live or pre-recorded. The show has one easy outdoor set.


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GILMER ARTS 6 Performance(s)
ELLIJAY, GA 8/16/2024
CLEAR LAKE, WI 4/19/2024
THE VILLAGE PLAYERS 3 Performance(s)

Behind The Scenes

With Brian Sylvia


The idea for creating the characters of Woodchuck Estates (and their crazy antics) was birthed out of a personal challenge to write multiple characters for each actor in a single show. And what a challenge it was!


I’ve written a bunch of other comedies through the years, but this one may be the most unique. I love over-the-top, slapstick characters reminiscent of the television variety shows of the 60s and 70s. And “Woodchuck” definitely highlights that type of character. Hopefully, you will enjoy bringing these characters to life as much as I did creating them.


If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood is just meant to provide laughter for the viewing audience. I happen to agree with the Bible when it says that laughter really does good like a medicine! (Oh, and by the way, the cabbage trivia is all true!)