Gerald Murphy

Gerald P. Murphy is a retired high school English teacher, a playwright, composer, songwriter, singer, banjo, guitar and mandolin player, and very poor actor who has the worst memory for lines in the galaxy. He has had more than thirty plays and musicals published and has had his shows performed in over twenty countries. In his leisure time he plays in a music group called “The Celtic Cats" in Yreka, California. He has a lovely wife, three grown children, and four grandchildren. “I just might be the luckiest and happiest man I know,” reports Murphy.
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  Pride and Prejudice (In Under an Hour!)

Comedy by Gerald Murphy

28 pages

5 m, 8 w

Although Elizabeth Bennet wishes to marry for love, her parents and suitors see the matter entirely in terms of wealth and status. Then there's Mr. Darcy, whom Elizabeth keeps at more than arm's length for his rudeness and arrogance. Will there ever be a match? Will anyone ever show compassion for Mrs. Bennet's poor nerves? Will Elizabeth be forced to remain in the poverty-stricken filth in which she has been brought up? A perfect choice to perform in conjunction with English literature studies, or any time for that matter. Simple staging. All in under an hou...

  Twelve Angry Teachers

Drama by Gerald Murphy

26 pages

7 m, 7 w

Twelve teachers hold a closed hearing to decide the fate of a high school student accused of showing up drunk at a school play rehearsal and destroying a valuable prop. If they decide to expel her, the vote must be unanimous. However, the teachers have different backgrounds, varied experiences, and assorted motivations. From the thoughtful remedial education teacher to the quick-to-judge assistant coach, how will such a diverse group make such an important decision? About 40 minutes.

  Tartuffe in Texas

Classic by Gerald Murphy

36 pages

4 m, 5 w, 3 flexible, doubling possible

Like Moliere's original “Tartuffe,” a supposed holy man enters the life of affluent but naïve family and almost succeeds in cheating them out of their home. Now set in current-day Dallas, the wily opportunist is finally exposed, but not before a series of humorous misunderstandings and some rollicking good fun. Grandma Perkins has nothing but praise their boarder, Tartuffe, because he is a man of such holiness and zeal. Father even wants his daughter Maryanne to break her engagement and marry Tartuffe! The siblings agree they must expose Tartuffe's hypocrisy....

  Fish and the Ring

Fairy Tale by Gerald Murphy

27 pages

3 m, 8 w, 5 flexible, doubling possible

Adapted from the English fairy tale. Baroness Agatha, a rich and powerful noblewoman, learns from a hermit that her newborn son, Alex, will marry Marie, a mere peasant's daughter. The Baroness will have none of this! She intends to kill her, but the baby somehow survives being thrown into a river and ends up being raised by a fisherman and his wife. Fifteen years later, Alex accidentally sees Marie and instantly falls in love with her. The Baroness again arranges to have Marie murdered, but a helpful innkeeper intercepts the fateful letter and changes it to r...