Daniel T. Roberts

Daniel T. Roberts was born in the small college town of Boone, NC, and began his writing career at a local newspaper doing editorial-type articles. From there he turned to fiction writing. He has had several poems and short stories published in various magazines. As a playwright he has been fortunate to work with a number of outstanding theaters and organization, which have produced several of his plays. He has had a great deal of help and support from his sister, Tammy, and his mother, Sally Berry, a fantastic duo without whom none of his success would be possible. He is also a diligent fighter for animal rights. His main hobby is collecting Japanese pop culture.
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  Best Foot Forward

Comedy by Daniel T. Roberts

25 pages

4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

In this audience-pleasing comedy, Aristotle, the dentist's son, and Jennifer, the habitual screwup, are fighting over the last copy of a self-help book that they are sure contains all the answers to their problems. He just knows "Success in Excess" will help him avoid a bleak future of looking into people's mouths, while she is equally desperate, thinking it will help her avoid a future of always putting her foot into her mouth. But other patrons at the bookstore, including the clerk with an attitude, create amusing situations leading up to the moment when Ar...