Comfort Falls Christmas

Book By: Dave Tippett
Play #: 8332
Pages: 56 pgs
Cast: 15 m, 6 w, extras

This dramatic comedy tells the story of a Christmas in 1938 in the small town of Comfort Falls: population 603. The cream of society is getting ready for their out-of-doors holiday extravaganza at the town bandstand until they find out that the local church is planning a "competing" program, their annual Christmas Eve pageant, also at the bandstand on the same night! The society set, lead by the Widow Jeffries, and the church drama troupe, defended by her long-suffering son-in-law Mayor Hoshpepper, are joined by a hilarious group of eccentric townspeople, including a barbershop quartet, all trying to gain the upper hand. In the midst of it all, a young boy, his friend, and the church's pastor help both sides sort through the melee and rediscover the heart of Christmas.

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BECKLEY CHURCH OF GOD 1 Performance(s)
GLEN MORGAN, WV 12/12/2021
KIMBERLY, WI 12/3/2009
ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
AURORA, IL 12/18/2008
FIRST BAPTIST CH 2 Performance(s)
JASPER, TN 12/10/2008
JEROME, ID 12/7/2006

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