Chris Richman

Chris Richman is a writer and actor from South Jersey. Chris holds a BA in Professional Writing from Elizabethtown College and is pursuing an MA in Writing from Rowan University. He is about to enter the thesis stage of the program where he will be working on a full-length young adult novel. While Chris writes extensively in different genres, “Take a Chance” is his first published play of what he hopes will be an extensive career.

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  Take a Chance

Drama by Chris Richman

17 pages

1 m, 1 w, 1 flexible

As the play opens Rosie, riding a stick horse, and Oliver, pushing a wheelbarrow, are walking around a square stage. The fact that they are in the game of Monopoly should slowly manifest itself in various funny ways, but what starts as a cute comedy turns into an existential quest for self-meaning. Oliver, the idealistic one, believes that there must be a life beyond his own mundane existence. Rosie, the cautious one, is addicted to "passing go" and is afraid to leave the familiar. Their love is evident, and yet part of the conflict. Through the course of the...