Chilly Dog and Other Plays

Book By: Margo Haas
Play #: 2227
Pages: 67 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

Here is a fun-filled collection of seven short comedies and dramas about teens and young adults in various delicate and outrageous situations. Replete with true-to-life characters, the plays abound with suspense, secrets, revelations, laughter, poignant moments, and surprising twists at the end. "Interview" deals with an impatient job applicant who doesn't realize that the interview is taking place already. "Chilly Dog," the title play, is a howler. Just what is in Mrs. O'Malley's cooler? Soft drink? Well, yes, and the family dog, on ice, to bid its final adieu. In "Night Run," Nick is under a bridge planning the great escape from home. "The Silver Dollar" takes place in a hospital waiting room where Lynette is convinced that her brother, Wesley, has swallowed a silver dollar. Wesley isn't talking, but the truth shines through. Each story calls for three to four actors.

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