Castles and Dragons

Book By: Beverly Thomas
Play #: 7045
Pages: 43 pgs
Cast: Widely flexible cast of 25

It’s been peaceful at Camelot for years. Merlin the magician put the fearsome dragon, Fog, in a sleeping spell and turned the evil Morgan Le Fay into a fragrant flower – although she can still talk! But when everyone in Camelot celebrates the impending nuptials of Lady Marian and Sir Lancelot with a Maypole dance, Morgan Le Fay is able to work some magic. She steals all the knights’ swords and trips the Pages, creating enough noise to wake the dragon. She coaxes Fog to kiss her, and her spell is broken! From then on it’s a wild and crazy chase as the knights, brandishing rolling pins as weapons, are frozen in their tracks; Lancelot is made invisible; and Merlin and Le Fay battle each other through magic, each changing into different animals. This funny and fantastic adventure is particularly designed for elementary or middle school children to perform. Six songs including "Camelot, City of Might"; "Beware" (which can be an optional solo by Marian); the rhythmic number "Hurry!" (with a percussive instrument or clapping); "Lament"; "Knights of the Round Table"; and "Fog, the Dragon." A Maypole dance number is also included.

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STAGEDOOR THEATRE 4 Performance(s)
BAILEY, CO 3/3/2023
CASTLE ROCK , CO 4/15/2015
FRONTIER SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
RED ROCK , OK 2/15/2015
ST. JEAN VIANNEY SCHOOL 3 Performance(s)
BATON ROUGE, LA 4/11/2014

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