Basic Drama Sketches - Vol.I

Book By: Judy Millar
Play #: 1716
Pages: 62 pgs
Cast: 14 to 25+

Here's the perfect resource book for producing plays in your grade school or junior high classroom. Five short, reproducible plays are included. All of the plays have 14 to 25+ roles which are mostly flexible in gender to include as many students as possible. The plays have interesting plots and short, easy-to-learn lines. Your student actors will have fun developing and portraying the varied characters. The titles include: "Hospital Hijnx," with nurses, doctors, punks and a baby left at a hospital. "Murder on the Mountain," with various guests, staff and police at a remote ski lodge. "New Year's Nightmare," about girls and boys trying to plan a party at an abandoned and haunted house. "Set of Soaps," about a TV star written out of the show who is seeking revenge. "What's That Sound?" about a student plan gone awry and a deal with the principal. (Royalty fee of $10 per skit is due if performed in front of an audience. Application at end of script.)

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Resource Book - $49.95
Allows you to reproduce pages for classroom use. A royalty fee is due when performed in front of an audience.
Performances - $10.00
Royalty Licenses are required for each performance, even if you do not charge admission.
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