Anita Larsen

Anita Larsen has served organizations and businesses as writer and consultant for over 25 years, working in the areas of promotional copy, scripting, speechwriting, editorial, and public relations. She has published 21 books (several more languish in drawers) and numerous articles for both young and adult readers. Also, she’s written monthly book review columns for several leading newspapers’ Sunday arts sections nationwide, as well as Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. But her first love is live theatre, whether acting, writing for the stage or teaching others to do those things. This is also likely to be her last love. Why? She says, “If you can get out of your own way and have a little luck—you may sense theater’s ancient roots, which are both spiritual and sustaining.” Several of her plays have been published, but “Anne of Green Gables” is her first play with Eldridge.
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  Anne of Green Gables

Drama by Anita Larsen

74 pages

13 m, 14 w, 5 flexible, extras

Based on the novel by L. M. Montgomery. When elderly Marilla Cuthbert and her shy brother Matthew decide to adopt an orphan to help with farm work, they expect a boy to arrive at the train station. Instead, a talkative, imaginative girl with fiery red hair and a taste for romance shows up--Anne (with an "e") Shirley. What use will she be to them? asks reserved Marilla, but tender-hearted Matthew feels they might be of some use to Anne. It turns out that all three are much more than useful to one another: they're as vital as breathing. In joyful, hilarious adv...