Good, The Bad, The Pirates

Book By: Kamron Klitgaard
Play #: 1973
Pages: 64 pgs
Cast: Widely flexible cast. Approx. 14 m, 11 w, 1 flexible, extras

During a picnic on the beach, the townsfolk, including a forgetful mayor and a cowardly cop, are suddenly seized upon by a band of evil pirates, led by the Pirate King. Even though they are on land, the denizens are about to be made to walk the plank. Suddenly, they are rescued by a handful of good female pirates, lead by a queen who has never been kissed. The Good Pirates also soon rescue Freddie, a guy who had been raised by the Bad Pirates but wants to be good. The Bad Guys vow revenge and even call in other pirate gangs from the Caribbean and…um…Indiana, but they are foiled every time because the “Good Guys always win.” The Good Pirates have a knack for stabbing the evil ones in the backsides and making them run!

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POSTVILLE, IA 3/23/2012
MORGAN HIGH SCHOOL 4 Performance(s)
MORGAN, UT 12/1/2011
SPRING CREEK, NV 3/13/2011

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