By Craig Sodaro.
Loosely based on Dickens' "Oliver Twist."
15 m, 25 w, 2 flexible, doubling
Script: 55 pages
It's 1955 and young Oliver is taken from a dismal orphanage by the oppressive MacDonald family. Oliver dreams of having a family like the one on the TV series, "We Love the Brewsters," and runs away to Hollywood hoping to join them. Instead, he meets up with Nancy, a waitress at Tinseltown Malt Shop, and Bill Sikes and his band of pickpockets. Oliver has the good fortune to try to pick the pocket of the producer of the Brewster show, and Oliver actually lands a spot in the perfect television family. But just when life starts to look good for the orphan, Bill Sikes kidnaps him. The happy conclusion finds the whole cast back on stage and Oliver and many of the gang headed for Hollywood stardom.
#8203 - Oliver T

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