By Craig Sodaro
2 m, 4 w
Script: 40 pages
Audience Participation
Every time Polly Peabody's in charge of something, it's murder - literally! In this hour-long play, she's program chairperson for Professor Hazelton Crandall's presentation, "Journey Through the Pharaoh's Tomb." Unfortunately, the poor professor needs his own tomb before Act I ends, because he's murdered. Miss Peabody narrows the suspects to four: the professor's estranged wife, who wants to sell the artifacts; the professor's vivacious, if vacuous, girlfriend; his longtime colleague and friend; and a reporter who'd do anything to get a story and keep his job. The clues are right in front of the audience, and Miss Peabody begs for help in solving the crime. The suspects don't waste time trying to pin the murder on each other by getting audience members to re-enact hilarious scenes of passion and deceit on the recent journey through the tomb.
#8069 - Lethal Lecture
"The audience loved it. The set was so simple as well as the costumes. We had fun producing it. The audience participation made it a hit. There were laughs throughout the performance." S.G., Director, B-W Community Education, Baldwin, WI
"We added lots of extras such as sound effects, dancing to 'King Tut', and pictures being shown during Hazelton's lecture of the players on a 'dig.' It was a great success!" --N. S., Director, St. John's Reformed Church, Auburn, PA

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