By Craig Sodaro
8 m, 9 w, extras
Script: 64 pages
A mysterious phantom, who inhabits the depths of a TV studio, creates murder and mayhem to seize a beautiful soap opera heroine, for whom he has an obsessive love! Laid-back police detective Digby Wright does little to allay the fears of the troupers, somewhat of a shaky group to begin with! There's Daphne Davis, a haughty actress whose career is moving fast --downhill; Quentin Harris, a former football hero who drops the ball when it comes to his lines; Lily Ponds, a scatterbrained secretary who can't remember the director's name; Addison Meriwether, the uptight director; Emily Parrish, a long-suffering writer, and others. When Regina Brooks, the lovely heroine of the soap, is snatched away during a rehearsal right before Wright's eyes, all faith in police procedure disappears. Wright engineers a scheme, a masquerade ball, and invites the Phantom. A costume switch almost allows the Phantom to escape again, but in the end he is caught and unmasked...and, of course, the show must go on!
#1009 - Phantom of the Soap Opera
"Our production went very well! The audience loved it, the kids loved it. It was very easy to stage with having only one set. My Assistant Director loved the easy costuming. It was the perfect cast size for our group. The kids that performed and the kids that watched it, enjoyed it so much, we have doubled our class size for the next semester!" - A.B., Director, Breitling Youth Theatre, Garland, TX

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