By Craig Sodaro
4 m, 17 w, 2 flexible
Script: 60 pages
Jimmy Martin's the coolest cat in the class of '63 at Buddy Holly High, until he's turned into a real creep--a classic nerd named Clarence Doogle. And his cool friends are turned into his school supplies! The spell will last until a "fair damsel" asks Clarence Doogle out. All the kids are aware of the Creep's existence, but are shocked when he actually enters the malt shop one day to try to get a date. Meanwhile, three con-ladies pose as Hollywood talent scouts and announce auditions at the malt shop the following day. The thugs kidnap the richest student for ransom, hiding her someplace where nobody will look--the school library. That's exactly where the Creep and his friends have been hiding out and they're ready to come to the rescue!
#8024 - Beauty and the Creep

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