By Craig Sodaro
10 m, 18 w, 4 flexible,
doubling possible
Script: 56 pages
It's 1927 and the 42nd Street Orphanage for Girls in New York is a bleak place. The McGrew Sisters, who head the orphanage, are mean and stingy to the teenage girls in their charge. Enter a new orphan, young Ginny Hobbs, with a trunk full of "magic" -- costumes and props from the vaudevillian circuit her late parents used to work. As the girls perform a few skits, two con artists form a plan. They'll get the girls to do an original show called "Broadway Lullaby," get it fully insured, and when it flops, collect all the money. But the girls have other plans! This play's a charmer filled with imagination and heart. A winner in the 1995 Columbia Entertainment Company's National Play Writing Contest.
#8018 Broadway Lullaby
"Our audiences thought 'Broadway Lullaby' was our best play ever!"
L.W. (Director)

“Rave reviews and loads of laughs. Amazing show with flexibility for new actors.”--E.J., Truett Wilson Middle School, Haslet, TX

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