Adapted by Craig Sodaro
6 m, 6 w
Script: 55 pages
A mysterious stranger, swathed from head to toe in clothes and dark glasses, seeks a room at a peaceful English inn. He claims to be a scientist. When the curious innkeeper's wife spies upon him, she is terrified to find he has no face. The stranger then reveals he is indeed invisible and proceeds to menace the countryside. A young, handsome doctor must finally stop him. Special effects are no problem. When the Invisible Man speaks but is not seen, he is behind a screen. The fight scenes "between" the Invisible Man and the other lodgers is action your actors will relish performing. Suspense and a touch of humor make this play visibly entertaining.
#1006 The Invisible Man


“Huge success! The special effect suggestions worked out great and the audience continues to compliment the production.” –J.L., Mogadore HS, Mogadore, OH

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