By Craig Sodaro
10 m, 10 w, 3 flexible parts
Script: 66 pages
Fiddledeedee! Just as beautiful young Charlotte O'Mara is starting to have a good time at Magnolia Plantation's annual barbecue, that blasted Civil War breaks out! All the eligible young men rush off to join the fight - all except Magnolia's faithful servant, Bret Butler, who suffers from fallen arches. Four years later, as the war draws to a close, the O'Maras owe back taxes on Magnolia and unless they can come up with the money, their former overseer, Carlton Creepstone, now a villainous carpet-bagger, will take it over and turn it into the Sassafras Saloon! Charlotte will be reduced to marrying Creepstone unless the O'Mara's loyal maid can find Bret Butler in time. Will Bret get home in time to save the family and marry Charlotte? Frankly, if you give a hoot about producing a crowd-pleasing comedy, this is the play for you. ("Magnolia" is the musical version of this play.)
#1034 - Dirty Dealings in Dixie

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