By Craig Sodaro
3 m, 3 w, extras as desired
Script: 50 pages
Ahoy, mystery fans! Book passage on the Titan, a cruise ship headed for the grave of the Titanic, where it hopes to bring up artifacts for auction. But when romance goes sour and the very wealthy and demanding Blake Witherspoon is murdered, a new course must be chartered. The social director tries to steer passengers back to having fun, but Tara Dawn DePue, a detective and antique dealer, decides to solve the crime. With the captain too sick to help, the audience and crew must try to find out who killed Witherspoon before the killer strikes again. Audience members stay involved throughout as they participate in a trivia contest and crossword puzzle, look for clues, bid on auctioned items, help stop a suspect from escaping and even carry a "body" offstage! (Crossword puzzle and bid form included in script.)
#1033 Murder Ahoy!
“What a huge success this was for our retirement community! We discovered that this was perfect for our residents for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Something totally different that they could either participate in or just watch.” – A.V., Grovetown, GA
"We presented this wonderful play as a fundraiser for Relay for Life in an effort to fight cancer. This is the third Eldridge Publishing play we've done with the church and are planning more for the future. It was well attended, the cast and audience loved the show, and we raised over $350. The reason we love Eldridge productions is that they are family friendly and easy to produce." -- R. S., Director, Dalzell UMC, Sumter, SC

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