By Bobby G. Wood
7 m, 7 w
Script: 40 pages.
In this rest home-clinic setting on Christmas Eve, a group of people are waiting to see the doctor. Among them are Detroit Louie, the hard-hearted pickpocket; Harry, his dumb, but loyal right-hand man; John and Cara, who have just brought their father to be committed permanently and the Old Man, who refuses to believe his son would do such a thing. Also present are Mrs. Aiken, the hypochondriac, and the Blind Girl, who believes strongly in helping others; and Angel No. 2, who is on probation. She must make this mission count in order to get her wings back. She has permission to grant just one wish in this particular room and it is a very hard decision. A warm and humorous play, one of our most popular for many years. Performance time about 50 minutes.
#1280 - Christmas Comes to Detroit Louie
“Dramatic and spiritual ending! I had also directed this play years ago I have been involved in directing a lot of your plays. They are awesome. I’m sure we will get one for next year too! May God Bless!” – D.E., Pineview Church, Centreville, AL
"We could notget though practice without laughing hilariously. When we actually performed the play it went great...the audience loved it. The word of God says that laughter doth good like a medicine! This production ministered to every member of the family."-- R. H., Director, Trinity Assembly of God, Cedar Bluff, VA
"We are a small country church. We had a packed house -- aprox. 130 came out for this presentation. The comments were all excellent. We had a good time presenting this play. Our cast did a great job." -- K.T., Director, Otter Branch Church, Buffalo, WV

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